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Title (click for Web-page link) Author Date (click for PDF download)
Co-operative Socialism - the way forward - subsequent papers on new website: Co-operative Socialism Dr John Courtneidge May 2013
The Psychology of Denial Dr John Courtneidge* June 2010
CCPA Reader on Co-operative Socialism Dr John Courtneidge* May 2010
Fair World in Four Pictures Dr John Courtneidge* August 2008
Emotions, Personalities & Politics Dr John Courtneidge August 2008
PDF of power-point presentation on Co-operative Socialism at CAOS Conference Dr John Courtneidge 2005
Co-operative Socialism - Theory and Practice Dr John Courtneidge* 18th May 2005
Political Map 05/04 Dr John Courtneidge* May 2004
A Quaker Theology for the Next 350 Years Dr John Courtneidge January 2004
Campaign for Co-operative Socialism Dr John Courtneidge September 2003
Fair World Project Dr John Courtneidge August 2003
Money lending for profit Dr John Courtneidge & David Soori August 2003
Co-operative Strategies (Updated) Dr John Courtneidge Jan 01, Revised May 03
Sunflower Organisation Chart Dr John Courtneidge March 2003
Better World Economics Dr John Courtneidge* Feb 2003
QuNEC-Better World Economics Dr John Courtneidge* Feb 2003
Fabian Article + post9.99+8.01 Dr John Courtneidge August 2001
What are our Values - a checklist Dr John Courtneidge September 1997
Solving the World's Problems Dr John Courtneidge April 1997
Jesus on Money Markets & Capitalism Extracts from The Gospel of Thomas by Richard Valantasis Published by Routledge, London and New York 1997
Thoughts on the Economic Policy of an Incoming Labour Government Dr John Courtneidge April 1996
Our Four Needs Dr John Courtneidge October 1995
Statement of the Co-operative Identity International Co-operative Alliance Manchester UK, 1995
How Rigid Is Your Paradigm? Dr John Courtneidge June 1995
Extract from‘Essays in Persuasion’ -
Pages 371-372: from the last essay ‘The Future’
John Maynard Keynes Norton & Co Edition, New York, 1963

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